Here beneath a few principles of theme / template assistance are stated. If you are interested in getting help and assistance from my side, be sure to read all written below and submit the form. Thank you!


Hello to all dear potential and existing customers of Virtuti-D templates and themes! You came here after you had obtained or got interested in one or few of my items exposed for sale on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon and you got acquainted with a brief information provided in Support tab available per every item. But if you are here, you probably want know more about how can I assist you with your question.

Sometimes you have inquiries about existing features or structure of the item and I shall be glad to provide as much information as I can via ThemeForest or CodeCanyon comment boxes serving especially for transparent and clear communication in between the author and consumer.

Sometimes you are in need of additional customisations or extra features which currently do not exist in item (you see a completed website on demos authors always provide) but you wish to have them. For example you would want to change colour scheme which might suit your website look and feel in better way or you would like to extend number of page templates or you might wish to combine in one page separate blocks of structure having picked them out of various page templates included into folder.

Sometimes you have no possibility to learn the code of the included files properly and might make some small error during modifications. You might have no time and patience to find and fix the error. All said above are just few instances and you are welcome to know that Virtuti-D almost always is ready and glad to put aside current project or other matters and concentrate and assist with almost any type of your request. All you need to do is just to fill in the form below, filling it accurately with maximum of information and submitting it. The reply back is guaranteed. See below all list of possible types of services but beforehand read about the greatest tool of our time–Google search! And of course it is important not to overlook the Help File–a big savoiur of time and frustration.

Google first! Help file first!

Google search is invaluable tool, maybe the greatest thing invented ever. When you have a question it is almost guaranteed that you will find your answer just by typing your question in Google search box. There is merely a single instance of failure in finding the proper answer. Using Google first will save your valuable time, spare you writing extra emails and will provide you with answer immediately–no need to wait for the author’s reply, you can get your solution right now, at ant hour of the day and at any day of the week. Virtuti-D encourages you to try Google first–for the sake of your time and comfortable feel.

Every item exposed on sale comes in obligatory way with Help File. Help File is as usually the extended documentation pointing out on how to work with template files. It provides all necessary articles which a customer should know in order to get his / her website looking and working exactly like on item demo (*please disregard demo visual assets–videos, images, photographs). Reading this file carefully will save a lot of time and frustration. Often it comes with screenshots and even videos. Virtuti-D spends the entire time to accompany the template folder with maximum of details and topics covered. And on the hand, Help File comes out as usual very laconic and to the matter, this reasoned by the care about customer’s potentially limited time and patience. Virtuti-D encourages you to read Help File first–for the sake of your time and comfortable feel.


In case when you prefer personal service Virtuti-D is here and ready to assist. Herebeneath is a list of services (with instances) which you can get by filling in and submitting the form below.

  1. Customisations of existing items exposed for sale on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon
  2. Adding new features to existing item (*subject to discuss)
  3. Examining errors occurred during modification of the code of template files
  4. Fixing errors occurred during modification of the code of template files
  5. Pointing out which file(s) to work with (sometimes customers who obtained templates do not know which file–css, html, php–to look in and in which language they need to proceed writing the code)
  6. Pointing file types and certain lines of code to work further with
  7. Providing general knowledge base about html, css, js and php languages instances available in template files (sometimes a customer has no knowledge what certain php function does or how to modify css styles)
  8. Providing general knowledge base of how to install WordPress, Concrete5 and Blogger themes and templates
  9. Providing general knowledge base about functionality and interface features of CMS platforms like WordPress, Concrete5 and Blogger

*note: Virtuti-D currently does not provide any service related to websites, website templates, plugins and software done by third party (i.e. items which were not done by Virtuti-D)

Third party software

Virtuti-D tries as much as possible to avoid injections of third party plugins, software, tools. Nonetheless, in most of cases it is just a good way out and comfortable solution. However, sometimes third party software stops working or just dies forever. Good example is Twitter feeds. Vast amount of static and dynamic websites certain time ago implemented simple Twitter feeds scripts which used to work just finely. But, very recently Twitter changed their API what caused a total disorder in websites and non-functional tweets anymore. Many developers have chosen to learn new API and rewrite the code of their files in order to provide working condition of the exposed feeds.

Virtuti-D guarantees the working condition of any third party script or plugin to the moment of item submission. However, if in time third party software stopped working or changed behaviour by this or that reason, Virtuti-D does not carry responsibility for these changes and suggests to a person who obtained a template folder to fork and extend or rework the script / plugin / code / API without expecting Virtuti-D to undertake any steps in this matter.

How to request the assistance service

Virtut-D offers variable types of assistance. It might be an extended written explanation or ready-to-go completed work / file. For instance, a customer wishes to fix an error occurred during modification. First type of assistance supposes the detailed carefully written step-by-step explanation or article sent by email what to do in order to fix the error. Second type of assistance supposes no explanation but fixing the error manually and sent by email as ready to be re-uploaded file. Two types can be combined-a customer is eligible to get both explanation and ready file with fixed code.

In order to get any type of assistance a customer should do very simple thing: just to fill in the form where a customer 1) provides very detailed description of request or an issue, 2) provides necessary files (attached later, in further email), 3) chooses type of assistance from drop-down menu, 4) clicks Submit button.

Virtuti-D will examine the description of the problem / inquiry and upon the provided in form information will either send the invoice or in certain cases will reply via email without charging for the service.

Thank you very much for reading and happy working on your website!

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