Apr 18

Passover 5775


We had wonderful Pesach night, indeed. Beautifully arranged table and tasty, traditional home made dinner. From my side: chicken soup, goose Schmaltz, haroset, fresh salad, mom brought grilled chicken and stuffed vegetable salad, aunt made Gefilte Fish (געפֿילטע פֿיש) made by recipe of my grandmother. And naturally, a few bottles of Israeli red wines from the boutique wineries.

Music, oh, it was extraordinary, we were dancing till 3 am!

And of course, an ancient and eternal story about Egyptian Pharaoh, ten plagues (מכות מצרים), Exodus and our freedom was retold again. And we recalled in memory from where we had come out and where we came to and talked about our family name which we inherit directly from Aharon haCohen, the brother of Moshe Rabeinu and Myriam haNevi’ya of the tribe of Levi…





Photographs, regrettably are not of so fine quality, well, I am really bad photographer and actually my camera also leaves much to be desired…
My Haggadah book is, by the way, illustrated by extraordinary graphic artist and book illustrator Artur Szyk.
And here, below, is a beautiful aspiring musical set of songs we listened to and tirelessly danced till early morning.

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