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Hello, my name is Tanya. I live in a beautiful village Qarne Shomron in Samaria (Shomron)–in the very heart of ancient kingdom of Israel and state of Israel of today. I am busy with making website templates and CMS themes. Besides, together with my beloved husband, I run a record label that produces independent music.
May 05

Micro niche themes in my ThemeForest portfolio

What is micro niche themes? A “Micro Niche Theme” is a theme designed for practical real life purposes, not abstract or generalized scenarios. With several million visitors each month, ThemeForest is bursting with opportunity here as many people are looking

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Apr 19

Jewish Universe in my works

I made a few works inspired by Jewish culture, religion, history and life style. In the meantime the number of works is not numerous but definitely I’ll keep doing such themes in future. And here is a list of currently

Sep 17

Godaddy and MIME types

GoDaddy, where enormous amount of websites is hosted, has many faults. One of them is non-support of many file formats, codecs and so on–what is called MIME types. I am not going to talk about custom MIME types, but about