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Jan 06

Hanukkah 5776

We celebrated Hanukkah at its most: 8 beautiful days of the Holiday with candle lighting, tasty meals, doughnuts, concerts and guests! Every day we bought doughnuts in different confectioneries and must admit that Roladin‘s sufganiyot are the best! On the

May 06

Beautiful song

ביזה שהו שלב בחיי הרגשתי שנימאס לי מי כל ז’אנר מוזיקלי שישנו באלם. לא רציתי לשמוע למה היה מוכר לי והיה ואהוב עליי לפנכן. חיפשתי אמנם משהו חדש ומרגש את לבי. וכן מצעתי! הנה אחד מהשירים שגורם לי לבכות. Don’t

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Apr 18

Passover 5775

We had wonderful Pesach night, indeed. Beautifully arranged table and tasty, traditional home made dinner. From my side: chicken soup, goose Schmaltz, haroset, fresh salad, mom brought grilled chicken and stuffed vegetable salad, aunt made Gefilte Fish (געפֿילטע פֿיש) made

Sep 16

Geography of Hell

A few photos from Wikipedia of places where the final battle between good and evil will start, where children were sacrificed to Moloch, where from angels were pushed down and where demons used to gather. Mount Of Azazel: This is

Sep 16

Russian words of non-Russian origin

I think the number of Russian words which in fact are not Russian is surprisingly huge. I shall try to post here my own notices (in shape of list) about Russian lexicon which origins from other languages but which Russian

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Sep 14

New born guinea pigs

A couple of days ago two guinea pigs were born. Two are very healthy and very very funny. Unlike new born hamsters who are born without fur, blind and long days sticking close to mother, guinea pigs babies look and